Roll Method:
Saturday Morning
Vek 1
16 10 10 6 9 12
5 d8 d6 d4 3 1
Highly Intelligent - Gain advantage on INT rolls and saves against mind-altering effects. You are literate.
Dinosaur! - Low light vision (Nearby), a thick hide (+1 RP), razor sharp claws (d6, never unarmed), and a long (15-20') jump attack: 1 bite attack with advantage -or- 2 claw attacks + 1 bite attack with disadvantage to all three.
More Juice - You can restore a d4 Usage die to coax more juice from expended technology. 1/hr
All Bows, Claws, All Tech Weapons, Spears, Maces, Short Swords, Light Armor, Medium Armor, All Shields
Claws, Wooden Spear, Wooden Shortsword
Thick Hide (1 RP) + Medium Metallic Armor: Breastplate (2 RP)
Rations (5), Waterskin (5), Bedroll, Torches (4), Healing Salve (1HD)
laser pistol (d10 Usage Die)

40 __________ CP
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